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CGS Tower Networks – manufacturer of solutions for optimizing cybersecurity systems and network monitoring, distributed by BAKOTECH in Ukraine, CIS countries, and Central Asia.



Network Packet Brokers

optimize cybersecurity and system monitoring by ensuring that the right data is delivered in the right amount and in the right format.


Advanced Network Packet Brokers

These are processor-based devices equipped with the processing and memory resources needed to analyze network data when there is a significant load.


Virtual Advanced Network Packet Brokers

Solutions with a full set of working functions used on a virtual machine (VM) or container.


Network Visibility

A whole new level of network transparency thanks to a unique disaggregation method



These are high-quality passive TAP couplers that operate in the widest range of speeds and split coefficients.


Smart Matrix

Allows you to radically change the processes of automatic testing by offering additional ports with different data transfer rates for network traffic sources.


Device Manager

It is a centralized management system: a single dashboard that provides users with complete information about all CGS devices on the network and allows you to configure, monitor the status, and manage their operation as well as manage the deployment of network visibility.


Test Labs Optimization

Allows QA professionals to increase their own productivity with additional test ports and features, the latest network interfaces, and remote scripting while saving them the tedium of cabling. 


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How to provide visibility of network interactions of the infrastructure?


Visibility solutions are an effective buff for your corporate infrastructure. But by themselves they do not detect, prevent or protect anything, so often business ignores them. The emphasis is on the fact that in a well-designed architecture with the right solutions traffic problems should not arise.
But it works, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes it may seem that way.
And the truth is that the application of Visibility solutions opens up many possibilities that go far beyond the banal optimization and understanding of processes within the network.
The link links briefly the opportunities that will be available when full network visibility is achieved, typical problems of standard approaches and Visibility synergies, and other monitoring and security solutions.


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