CGS Tower TAPs
(Test Access Point)

Provide 100% network visibility with superior performance and density

CGS Tower TAPs (Test Access Point)™

These are high-quality passive TAP couplers that operate in the widest range of speeds and split coefficients.


Tower TAP™ provides a complete copy of network traffic which greatly expands the security, monitoring, and data recording capabilities. The tap allows network infrastructure engineers to deploy decoupled, secure, and fail-safe test access points throughout the network quickly, easily, and with minimal disruption to the installation.The compact design of high-performance Tower TAP™ couplers allows them to take up significantly less space in server racks than traditional access methods.
For today's storage and data centers, the unique Tower TAP™ architecture will provide a solution that will help reduce equipment downtime in company networks if any failure occurs. This guarantees a significant reduction in CAPEX and OPEX.


TAP coupler connection example

A network coupler is an external monitoring device that reflects the traffic passing between network nodes. It can be a virtual or hardware device that is located at a strategic point in the network or in a private (public) cloud for data monitoring.

Benefits of Tower TAP™


Modular, flexible approach by combining a range of TAP couplers in a single 1RU chassis.


"Push to open" is a simple and convenient mechanism that provides high density when placing various equipment components.


Built-in laser blockers that protect personnel from injury.


Ergonomic design with color-coding - easy installation, management, and identification.


Designed and further optimized for low latency applications.


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How to provide visibility of network interactions of the infrastructure?


Visibility solutions are an effective buff for your corporate infrastructure. But by themselves they do not detect, prevent or protect anything, so often business ignores them. The emphasis is on the fact that in a well-designed architecture with the right solutions traffic problems should not arise.
But it works, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes it may seem that way.
And the truth is that the application of Visibility solutions opens up many possibilities that go far beyond the banal optimization and understanding of processes within the network.
The link links briefly the opportunities that will be available when full network visibility is achieved, typical problems of standard approaches and Visibility synergies, and other monitoring and security solutions.

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