Network Packet Brokers

Eliminate blind spots and congestion in your network

Network Packet Brokers (NPB) from CGS

optimize cybersecurity and system monitoring by ensuring that the right data is delivered in the right amount and in the right format.
CGS brokers are based on the latest chipsets and off-the-shelf hardware platforms and use innovative network technologies.With advanced software, they take full advantage of a powerful hardware platform, making them the most reliable, scalable, and modular solution on the market.CGS NPBs support all network rates from 10Mbps to 400Gbps, and data rates from 720Gbps to 12.8Tbps with optical, copper, and DAC interfaces in a compact 1RU form factor.


NPB CGS are implemented with a single and common software architecture for all management interfaces supporting CLI, SNMP, WEB UI, NETCONF, and RESTCONF.
NPB CGS supports aggregation, thousands of filters, load balancing, rate adjustment, header manipulation, timestamps, and additional operations that result in superior network visibility.
CGS network packet brokers provide the ability to aggregate and sort data, evenly distribute the load, adjust the speed, work with headers, place timestamps, and perform other operations that contribute to maximum network transparency.


An example of connecting a network packet broker

CGS Network Packet Brokers collect traffic from TAPs, SPAN analyzers, and bypass inbound links. This applies network transparency policies.

Key Benefits of CGS Network Packet Brokers


The platform is designed for a data transfer rate of 12.8Tb/s, 32x400G or 128x100G ports are supported, and a compact form factor is 1RU.


Tens of thousands of policies are enforced by large-scale TCAM.


Limit MPLS connection at 3.2Tb/s to improve cybersecurity and optimize analytics.


Placement of timestamps to ensure monitoring of network performance and compliance with financial requirements.


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How to provide visibility of network interactions of the infrastructure?


Visibility solutions are an effective buff for your corporate infrastructure. But by themselves they do not detect, prevent or protect anything, so often business ignores them. The emphasis is on the fact that in a well-designed architecture with the right solutions traffic problems should not arise.
But it works, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes it may seem that way.
And the truth is that the application of Visibility solutions opens up many possibilities that go far beyond the banal optimization and understanding of processes within the network.
The link links briefly the opportunities that will be available when full network visibility is achieved, typical problems of standard approaches and Visibility synergies, and other monitoring and security solutions.

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