Advanced Network Packet Brokers

Highest network visibility through the use of a modular, distributed approach

CGS Advanced Network Packet Brokers (ANPB)

these are processor-based devices equipped with the processing and memory resources needed to analyze network data when there is a significant load.


New network protocols and encapsulations change the format and length of packet stubs. In addition, to maintain the required level of network traffic transparency, it is necessary to analyze the contents of the packets. Such tasks are not always within the power of network packet brokers, so there is a need to use more complex data processing methods.
CGS Advanced Network Packet Brokers guarantee maximum flexibility in dealing with packet headers and content. Several additional features are provided, such as filtering IPv6 traffic in GTP tunnels, regular Regex expressions, and DPI checking and extracting metadata into a separate application, all within a single solution from CGS.
ANPB brokers from CGS are available in several categories: desktop devices, network equipment, and servers, which allows you to form a complete line of solutions — from a single device with modest information processing capabilities (for example, for small businesses or small sites), to a large cluster with the data processing speed of several Tb/s (for Internet providers).


An example of connecting an ANPB broker

ANPB Brokers are high performance, modular, and scalable, and provide a commercial COTS solution that can be customized for the required processing power.
This unique approach removes any hardware performance limitations and also allows you to align your hardware and software requirements.

Key Benefits of CGS ANPB Network Packet Broker Series


Complete separation of software and hardware makes it possible to use a wide range of modern processors, and quickly introduce new processors and other equipment from various suppliers into the workflow.


The most powerful resource for processing Regex-expressions with the ability to search up to 150 thousand keywords in linear traffic at 100GB / s.


Ability to use millions of filters without reducing the speed.


High performance with DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) hardware acceleration technology.


Built-in Capture&Replay for network troubleshooting and analytics.


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How to provide visibility of network interactions of the infrastructure?


Visibility solutions are an effective buff for your corporate infrastructure. But by themselves they do not detect, prevent or protect anything, so often business ignores them. The emphasis is on the fact that in a well-designed architecture with the right solutions traffic problems should not arise.
But it works, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes it may seem that way.
And the truth is that the application of Visibility solutions opens up many possibilities that go far beyond the banal optimization and understanding of processes within the network.
The link links briefly the opportunities that will be available when full network visibility is achieved, typical problems of standard approaches and Visibility synergies, and other monitoring and security solutions.

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