Webinar:Visibility solutions: how to keep up with network evolution   

19.08 | 11:00 EEST

About webinar

Evolutionarily, the network becomes more complex. New problems appear, the volume of traffic is growing, and few people think about the quality of network visibility. In such conditions, the task of the IT department is to have time to close the requirements of users and businesses without losses of productivity. Though, without a complete picture of what is happening in the company's network, it isn't easy to understand that something isn't working.

Visibility solutions can help to deal with this task. It provides the tools with all the necessary data in the correct format and volume. The CGS solution keeps up with the progress and is technically friendly with various SDN members.

What are the typical problems in the network, why you should use packet brokers and how to optimize network visibility – that's what you will learn at the webinar!  

Key questions:  

Optimizing the deployment of cybersecurity and monitoring systems  

Reducing capital and operating costs in information security and SORM  


Data overload and limited visibility issues  


What is a Packet Broker, and in what way it is different from a regular switch  

Real scenarios for using Packet Brokers 

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19.08 | 11:00 EEST
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